Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Professional Writing be combined with Creative Writing as a double major?
A. Yes.

Q. How many credits do I need to complete before I am eligible to apply to Creative Writing?
A. Students need to have enough credits to qualify for 3rd year; i.e. minimum 54 credits.

Q. What careers can one pursue with a degree in Creative Writing?
A. Creative writer, editor, publisher, magazine writing and editing, journalism, marketing, advertising, government (education or any ministry in which careful, expressive writing is valued), professor.

Q. Can a student transferring from another university, enter the program directly, using transfer credit they have received from York?
A. Transfer students generally get accepted into another York program before being eligible for Creative Writing. However, if it is determined by the Creative Writing program coordinator that the student has taken the equivalent to Intro to Creative Writing (EN 2600), the student may then apply directly with a portfolio, as any York student who has not taken EN 2600 would.In this case the student will still need to make up those credits, if accepted.
N.B. The Creative Writing program coordinator is responsible for determining which, if any, courses will transfer to Creative Writing credits.

Q. Are there summer courses in Creative Writing?
A. Yes. In Summer 2015, the Program is offering AP/EN 2600 6.0: Introduction to Creative Writing

Q. Are there specific courses one should take in preparation to applying for Creative Writing?
A. The list below contains some of the recommended courses students can take prior to entering the program:
AP/EN 1001 3.0 An Introduction to Literary Study
AP/EN 1002 3.0 Intertexualities
AP/EN 1006 3.0 Writer's Introduction to Literary Forms
AP/CLRT 1953 6.0 Canadian Writers in Person
AP/EN 1700 9.0 Professional Writing: Process and Practice

Q. Is Introduction to Creative Writing (AP/EN 2600) mandatory to applying to the program?
A. No. While completion of EN 2600 is the most usual way for entering the program, we do accept applications by portfolio. In this case, the student will need to make up the credits by enrolling in another six-credit course.

Q. Do credits received from AP/EN 1001: An Introduction to Literary Study count towards the Creative Writing degree (for the non-workshop course requirements)?
A. Yes, a student may count 6 credits of any 1st year English course toward the major requirements, if they are not being used to meet another requirement.

Q. I will be switching my major to Creative Writing. Do I have to wait until my enrolment window opens to change my program in the "My Program" section of the York Enrolment Program, or can I do so beforehand?
A. A student can submit a Change My Program request online at any time; however it will not be approved until the student has been officially accepted into the program.

Q. The York website states that “Students must successfully complete AP/EN 2600 6.00 or its equivalent”. What is “its equivalent?”
A. Equivalents may include: 1. introductory or possibly upper level creative writing courses taken at other universities and accepted as transfer credits. 2. Any course deemed by the program coordinator as an acceptable equivalent.

Q. Since Creative Writing is not a direct entry program, how do I apply as a mature student who has been out of school for a number of years?
A. There is no practical difference between applying as a mature student and applying as a transfer student. Your first step would be to apply to the University where prior credits would be assessed. You then may either enrol in EN 2600 or apply directly to the program via a portfolio submission.