Fall/Winter 2017/18 Courses

2000 Level Course

AP/EN 2600 6.0A (Y) Introduction to Creative Writing

3000 Level Courses

AP/EN 3600 6.0A (Y) Creative Non-Fiction and Mixed Genre
AP/EN 3610 6.0A (Y) Intermediate Prose Workshop: Fiction
AP/EN 3620 6.0A (Y) Intermediate Poetry Workshop (PDF)

Upper-level credits:  18 credits must be at the 3000 level, including 12 credits in Creative Writing.

4000 Level Courses

AP/EN 4600 6.0A (Y) Senior Mixed Genre Workshop (PDF)
AP/EN 4610 6.0A (Y) Senior Prose Workshop: Fiction
AP/EN 4620 6.0A (Y) Senior Poetry Workshop (PDF)

Upper-level credits: 18 credits must be at the 4000 level, including 12 credits at the 4000 level.